Habitats in Switzerland – that is cities, towns and conurbations as well as alpine and rural areas – are changing rapidly. In areas where space is limited, the conflict between the interests of society, business and nature, the increasing need for mobility and leisure along with intensive construction activity is increasing in both frequency and intensity. At the same time, climate change is shaping and altering the landscape.

Luftaufnahme des Fricktals im Kanton Aargau
Luftaufnahme des Fricktals im Kanton AargauImage: Patrik Walde, Flickr

The Forum Landscape, Alps, Parks encourages inter-disciplinary exchange and research aimed at achieving a holistic view of the landscape in order to implement targeted planning, design and development.

We promote research, bring together knowledge sources, support the various disciplines in networking, and transfer expertise. In doing so, we create added value for society and politics, for example through the Swiss Landscape Congress (Schweizer Landschaftskongress).


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