Acting as a national inter- and transdisciplinary network, the forum promotes knowledge and discourse about landscape and landscape-changing processes. It advocates sustainable design, development and safety concepts. The forum focuses on the Alps as well as parks and protected areas.more

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ICAS – Archive

The predecessor organisation of the Forum Landscape, Alps, Parks (FoLAP) is the Interacademic Commission for Alpine Research (ICAS). It was founded in 1999. Even then (as well as today), the activities of ICAS were financially supported by SCNAT and the Swiss Academy of Humanities (SAGW) and generously supported by the Federal Office for the Environment. In 2017, SCNAT considered the reorganisation of research on the Alps and protected areas and decided to set up a new forum bringing together all the bodies active in these areas.
The new Forum Lanschaft Alpen Pärke (FoLAP) of SCNAT has taken over the tasks of ICAS in 2019.