Acting as a national inter- and transdisciplinary network, the forum promotes knowledge and discourse about landscape and landscape-changing processes. It advocates sustainable design, development and safety concepts. The forum focuses on the Alps as well as parks and protected areas.more

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Parks of national significance are characterised by attractive landscapes, rich biodiversity and valuable cultural assets. Swiss parks are model regions showcasing sustainable developmentin which ecological, social and economic interests are accorded equal standing and support. Under the auspices of Swiss Park Research, the Forum Landscape, Alps, Parks promotes research into park-related issues.

  • Gantrisch Nature park, Alp Bire
  • Parc du doubs, La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • Argovia Jurapark
  • Gantrisch Nature park, Alp BireImage: Switzerland Tourism / Ivo Scholz1/3
  • Parc du doubs, La Chaux-de-FondsImage: Switzerland Tourism / Bafu / Marcus Gyger2/3
  • Argovia JuraparkImage: Schweiz Tourismus/Bafu, Renato Bagattini3/3

Swiss Parks are important reference and preference areas for comparative research. In addition to supporting and coordinating research, we also promote national and international collaboration and knowledge transfer between the parks, among other things by means of conferences and publications and the research project database.

The ongoing and completed research projects in the individual parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as cross-park projects are recorded in our project database.


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Today, Switzerland has 20 parks or park projects of national importance. These are divided into three categories:

National Parks / Swiss National Park

  • Strict protection, hardly any human intervention
  • Objectives: Ensure free development of nature, education and awareness, research.

Regional nature parks

  • Rural areas with high natural values
  • Objectives: Preservation and enhancement of the cultural and natural landscape, promotion of a sustainable economy in the region, education and awareness.

Nature discovery parks

  • Undisturbed habitats near cities/agglomerations
  • Objectives core zone: ensure free development of nature, education and awareness.
  • Objectives of the surrounding zone: to offer nature experiences, education and awareness-raising.

Two Regional Nature Parks are also UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites Sardona, Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch and Monte San Giorgio are also included.

Find more information on the BAFU-website (german) or on the website of the Swiss Parks Network