Parks of national significance are characterised by attractive landscapes, rich biodiversity and valuable cultural assets. Swiss parks are model regions showcasing sustainable developmentin which ecological, social and economic interests are accorded equal standing and support. Under the auspices of Swiss Park Research, the Forum Landscape, Alps, Parks promotes research into park-related issues.

Jurapark Aargau
Jurapark AargauImage: Schweiz Tourismus/Bafu, Renato Bagattini

Switzerland now has 18 parks or park projects of national significance as well as the Swiss National Park. Due to their special status, they are becoming increasingly important as reference and preference areas for comparative research. In addition to supporting and coordinating research, we also promote national and international collaboration and knowledge transfer between the parks, among other things by means of conferences and publications and the research project database.

The Swiss National Park Research Committee (FOK-SNP) has promoted and managed research in the Swiss National Park on behalf of the Swiss Academy of Sciences since 1916. In 2008, this area was extended to include the regional biosphere reserve Val Müstair and the UNESCO biosphere reserve Engiadina Val Müstair.

Swiss National Parc and Unesco Biosphere Engiadina Val Müstair Research (FOK-SNP)


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