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ForumAlpinum 2024

The Alps - A Refuge of Bio- and Geodiversity?

Lieu de l'événement

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

ForumAlpinum 2024 titled "The Alps – a Refuge of Bio- and Geodiversity?" will focus on biodiversity and geodiversity that are under severe threat - worldwide and especially in sensitive ecosystems like the Alps. This ForumAlpinum will identify hotspots of bio- and geodiversity, their monitoring and management in the Alps, analyse land use conflicts and their impact on bio- and geodiversity, and assess the relevance of bio- and geodiversity protection in the regional, national or international context to discuss possible solutions.

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Image : Lena Kropivšek

ForumAlpinum is a scientific conference aiming to promote international research
cooperation on topics of relevance across the entire Alpine Arc. ForumAlpinum has also
been designed as an interface between the scientific community and policy, providing
opportunities for science-policy dialogue.

Call for contributions: We are happy to invite you to submit your abstract of scientific
paper presentation for the ForumAlpinum, addressing one or several of the topics listed
below or any other biodiversity/geodiversity related topic. Abstract should be max. 250
words long, and should include title, a brief description of the theme and content, up to
5 keywords, and the name(s) of the author(s) with affiliation.

Abstract is to be sent to:
till 24th November 2023.


  • Major bio- and geodiversity threats
  • Landscape biodiversity
  • EU-politics restoration plan
  • Monitoring of bio- and geodiversity (methodology)
  • Long-term changes in bio- and geodiversity
  • Role of protected areas
  • Ecological connectivity
  • International cooperation between park managers
  • The big wild animals – the carnivors
  • Alpine bio- and geodiversity under climatic change
  • Vulnerability of mountain peoples to food insecurity due to biodiversity loss
  • Overtourism in mountain areas and its effect on biodiversity
  • Historic changes in biodiversity in mountain areas due to human influence
  • Major biodiversity threats, e.g. overexploitation, invasive alien species
  • New habitat, e.g. glacial lakes and new glacier foreland

Further information can be found here.


  • Alpes
  • Conflits
  • Diversité des espèces
  • Espèce
  • Europe
  • Gestion
  • Infrastructure
  • international
  • Modification
  • Participation
  • Risques naturels
  • Tourisme