Acting as a national inter- and transdisciplinary network, the forum promotes knowledge and discourse about landscape and landscape-changing processes. It advocates sustainable design, development and safety concepts. The forum focuses on the Alps as well as parks and protected areas.more

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ForumAlpinum & AlpWeek

The ForumAlpinum and AlpWeek are two congresses that raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities in the Alpine region and promote dialogue between scientists, practitioners and the general public.

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Forum Alpinum

Since 1994, ISCAR has organised the ForumAlpinum with national partners. The ForumAlpinum is primarily a scientific conference aiming to promote international research cooperation on topics of relevance across the entire Alpine arc. The ForumAlpinum has also been designed as an interface between the scientific community and the general public, providing opportunities for dialogue among various groups.


The AlpWeek is an international event co-organised by the leading Alpine organisations committed to mountain protection and sustainable development. Important Alp-related organisations, networks and observers of the Alpine Convention – CIPRA, ALPARC, Alliance in the Alps, Club Arc Alpin and ISCAR – meet every four years to discuss issues of common interest.


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