Acting as a national inter- and transdisciplinary network, the forum promotes knowledge and discourse about landscape and landscape-changing processes. It advocates sustainable design, development and safety concepts. The forum focuses on the Alps as well as parks and protected areas.more

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Announcement ProMontesPrize 2023

Award for research work on the future of the alpine cultural landscape

Alpine Kulturlandschaft Pexels

The Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research (SFAR), in collaboration with the Forum Landscape, Alps, Parks (FoLAP), awards prizes for outstanding achievements by young researchers in securing the future of the alpine cultural landscape. The open-land biotopes, habitat for almost a third of the plant and animal species of the Alpine arc, are particularly endangered by reforestation. In addition, the multiple consequences of climate change are now a fundamental threat to all Alpine habitats. The awards recognize work that both investigates the causes of landscape change and develops practical methods for reactivating landscape diversity. See announcement (PDF) on the right.


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