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Research project "Multi-hazards in Biosphere Reserves (MultiBios)" launched

The MultiBios project addresses the issue of climate risk management in UNESCO biosphere reserves in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, especially with regard to the intensifying impacts of climate change and the resulting multiple natural hazards. The Biosfera Engiadina Val Müstair in Switzerland is among the research areas. The project was selected as one of the four winning projects in the Man and Biosphere Call Austria and supported by the Forum Landscape, Alps, Parks.

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The project MultiBios focuses on the management of multiple hydro-climatic risks in Biosphere Reserves, particularly in view of intensifying climate change and future socioeconomic development. Of all hazards, floods are creating the most economic damages and many areas have been severely hit by extreme flood events in recent years. On the other hand, water scarcity and droughts have become more intense and have therefore received greater attention in the past years. In the context of these intensifying extreme hydro-metrological risks, scientific and policy attention is focusing on the question how the resilience of Biosphere Reserves can be strengthened. MultiBios aims to develop a better understanding of a holistic governance and management of multiple hydro-climatic risks to improve the social-ecological resilience of Biosphere Reserves in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Acknowledging risk governance and management as a key driver transforming the patterns of risks, MultiBios will conduct an in-depth analysis of the multidimensional concept of resilience, integrating the views of relevant stakeholders from science, policy and practice. Its innovative inter- and transdisciplinary approach integrates (i) different dimensions of resilience, and pays attention to (ii) the particular institutional setting(s), as well as (iii) particular need(s) to adapt. There is a particular lack of studies examining the implementation of existing adaptation frameworks specifically in Biosphere Reserves. To ensure the transferability of research findings to other mountain regions MultiBios will (i) establish linkages to international research programmes, (ii) cooperate with internationally renowned researchers, and (iii) conduct a concluding international workshop with policy makers, stakeholders and researchers from Alpine countries.


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