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Call for action and Call for Pecha Kucha: Swiss Biennial of the Territory

6 - 8 October 2022

International Institute of Architecture is pleased to announce the new edition of the Swiss Biennial of the Territory.

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The proposal emerge from a collective curatorial idea to critically explore the theme of the (un) finite ((non) finito) as finiteness of resources and the limits of growth. The iennale presents itself as an expression of international interest that brings to the attention of the public new perspectives of investigation of the natural and built territory, from the landscape to the Baukultur.

International Institute of Architecture, a center of urban culture dedicated to the exploration of issues related to the territory and sustainability based in Lugano, Switzerland, hosts and organizes the event.

Biennale 2022 theme: Despite some attempts to theorize an “end of history” (which never happened), we can only helplessly verify that our pace continues to accelerate and our dependence on raw materials and energy is increasing, plunging us into a succession of (climatic, health, political and humanitarian) crisis. In this context, we can no longer expect to create and preserve immutable, perfect, “finite” objects and landscapes.

Call for action and Call for Pecha Kucha: At the center of this edition, to promote the participatory spirit that animates the Biennale, there will be two important calls to collect both theoretical contributions, through a Call for Pecha Kucha, and physical through a design action aimed at interpreting the territorial and social reality that surrounds us with an installation selected among the participants in the Call for Action.

Calls and updates on guests and program can be consulted on https://www.biennale.i2a.ch/it


  • Architecture, urbanisme