eco.mont - Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management, Vol. 11 No. 2

Protected Areas – a balancing act between ecology and economy

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The current issue of eco.mont presents a variety of topics that PA managers have to deal with, and reflects a diversity of approaches depending on countries and type of protected area.

The paper about red deer management demonstrates how National Parks and adjacent areas could all benefit by joint deer management. The borders of strictly protected National Parks usually constitute a sharp administra-tive limit, which is often reflected in equally strictly differentiated attitudes on both sides of the boundaries. Joint management plans are therefore difficult to find in practice, but still represent a goal to aim for.

Biosphere Reserves are well present in this issue, in the context of several articles. By interlinking sustainable production and nature protection, these reserves are still gaining ground in many countries. MAB-management plans form a framework for municipalities and landowners, who retain direct control of their land. This makes management complex and demanding, and requires very close cooperation with local people.

A new and interesting question is raised by Abraham Paulsen, Danilo Petrovich & Andrés Moreira-Muñoz who, in a report from Chile, see both possibilities and the necessity to improve the management of Biosphere Reserves by including popular religion.

Lisbeth Zechner describes bird conservation measures in a French Natural Park. As in a Biosphere Reserve, in a Natural Park a tremendous effort has to be made to convince landowners to adapt their land management practices.


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