eco.mont special issue dedicated to biosphere reserves

UNESCO´s "Man and the Biosphere" Programme (MAB) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in the years 2020/2021. The Austrian MAB National Committee intends to celebrate this anniversary in a worthy and visible way: it sponsors a special issue dedicated to biosphere reserves in the scientific journal „eco.mont“.


To meet the goals of the journal authors have to focus on biosphere reserves in mountain areas. The working title of this special issue is „Celebrating 50 years UNESCO-MAB and its World Network of Biosphere Reserves: Trends and Challenges in Research, Management and Policy of Mountain Biosphere Reserves.“

The commitee invites you to contribute a manuscript to this special issue. You may submit manuscripts in two categories:

  • a true research article, or
  • a non-scientific article such as a report on management and/or policy issues

The deadline for the submission is end of September 2020.

Please give note to the commitee about your firm commitment (plus title and abstract) to contribute to this special issue by end of April 2020.

For detailed information please consult the journal´s webpage: