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Swiss Tectonics Studies Group, Field excursion 2022


09:00 - 18:00


Martigny, train station (starting point, ends in Sion on Sunday)

Relations between the Middle and Upper Penninic nappes (Mont-Fort and Tsaté nappes) between the Val de Bagnes and Mattertal

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Lead: Adrien Pantet and Jean-Luc Epard

Meeting point: Friday 26.08.2022, Martigny station, 09h00

End of Field trip: Sunday 28.08.2022, Sion station, around 18h00

Limited to 24 persons

Lodging: in the Sion area (price to be defined)


In the Western Swiss Alps of Valais, some series close to the boundary between the Middle and Upper Penninics raise problems regarding their tectonic and paleogeographic attribution. These include the series of Mesozoic rocks originally associated to a continental basement that constitute the "Faisceau Vermiculaire" of Argand, the “Cimes-Blanches” nappe or the Frilihorn series. Their relationship with the "Schistes Lustrés" of the Tsaté nappe is also problematic. New data collected between the Val de Bagnes and Zermatt allow to revise some tectonic and paleogeographic attributions and to present a new tectonic model for the area.

  • Day 1 : Val de Bagnes, Mauvoisin. Evolène series (Mont-Fort) and Tsaté nappe
  • Day 2: Val d’Hérens, Evolène area.
  • Day 3: Täschtal: Alphubel anticline and its sedimentary cover. Relations between folds associated to nappe emplacement and the early Mischabels backfold.

More information on the STSG excursion page! Contact for more information.


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